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Wire Rope|Chain Slings|Lifting Equipment|Rigging Supplier

Top Slings Sdn Bhd is one of the premier companies that supplies Wire Rope, Chain Block, Lifting Equipment and Rigging Equipment Products in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. As a well established and credible supplier of Wire Rope, Chain Block, Lifting Equipment, Rigging Equipment with certified warehousing facility, Top Slings’s business covered wide industries, from oil and gas, construction, to marine, shipping, industrial sectors and many more, throughout Malaysia, as well as in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. We are the Supplier for warehouse Products such as Wire Rope, Chain Slings, Lifting Equipment, Rigging and other variety of Chain Sling, Lifting Sling and Wire Rope Sling Products to our customers in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. As Specialist in supplying these type of materials, our customer entrust us as a trustworthy Supplier. Aside from Wire Rope, Chain Slings as Lifting Equipment, we also supply other Products such as Lever Block, Portable Winch and other Lifting & Rigging Sling. At Top Slings, we ensure that as a Specialist in Lifting & Rigging Equipment, we are able to be a reliable Supplier of warehouse Products for our clients in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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