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Content: For our Polyester Sling, we also supply Technotex Round Sling for our customers. As a Wire Rope Supplier Specialist in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, we provide an array of range for our lifting slings. In addition, our Polyester Sling such as the Technotex Round Sling is of top-notch and can used with our Wire Rope as well. As a lifting slings Supplier, people that interested can consult with our Specialist from Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Polyester Sling,Round Sling,Wire Rope
Polyester Sling,Round Sling,Wire RopeThe manufacturing side of Technotex is specialised in high quality Round Slings. The IW-division (industrial Webbing) and FP-division (finished Products) work together and are constantly evaluating qualities. This has resulted among others in a high quality Round Sling sleeve for tonnage up to 120 ton WLL The IW division used their experience on seatbelt webbing for the automotive and aviation industry to develop a high abrasive Round Sling sleeve.


Polyester Sling,Round Sling,Wire Rope


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