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Our Shackle, Turnbuckle, Wire Rope Clip are of BST Products. However, for Hooks, we provide BST and YOKE brands for clients to best fit our clients’ preference. Aside from that, we also supply Master Link to be used with Wire Rope. SENYO Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutter is ideal for daily use and we also provide few models ranging from B, C and D based on the customers’ need for cutting capacity. Moreover, we also provide Magnet Lifter that comprises of QZ1 powerful Magnet Lifter as well as QZ2 Auto Magnetic Lifter.Another BST product from us is the Load Binder that proof load is 2 times of working load limit. Our Portable Winch is of Fuji brand but we provide this product in few sizes. Aside from that, we are also Specialist Supplier in few other types of accessories and fittings like Cable Grip, Ratchet Puller as well as Lifting Hook in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Top Slings Sdn Bhd is a Specialist and Supplier for Fitting & Accessories Products of construction and other alike such as BST Wire Rope Clip which basically base of Forged Wire Rope Clip in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

BST Wire Rope Clip,Forged Wire Rope Clip
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