Best Design, Performance & Support Plate Clamp ● Camlok Lifting Clamp

Working load limit (WLL) 1000 to 30000kgs

This plate clamp is primarily used for transporting sheet metal and steel plates in the vertical position, as well as lifting and rotating through 180′. In addition, it can also be used for transporting steel constructions and profiles. It is recommended to use a pair of plate clamps in conjunction with a spreader beam for long materials which have a tendency to sag or flex.

The Camlok lifting clamps, particularly the CZ vertical plate clamp, is a perfect suit to your plate lifting needs. With a variety of lifting weight availability, this type of Camlok Lifting Clamps has widely becoming people’s choice when it comes to plate clamps. Aside from that, this CZ vertical plate clamp also supplied with a standard hook rings depending on the hook weight. However, you can also choose our range of link fittings and chains for your plate clamp upon special order. Over the years, we have a huge circle of satisfied customers all over Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand due to our excellent service and products for the heavy industries.


The jaw is opened and closed with the locking lever. The safety lock spring loads the cam jaw, preventing the clamp from opening even when there is no load.

Workmanship and parts

These Plate Clamps are service-friendly, making it easy to exchange parts, which are readily available. Clamp repairs are available through the factory, or can be done by a competent person. NB: The plate surface of the material must have a hardness level below HRC 30/Brinell 300.

CZ Vertical Plate Clamp,Camlok Lifting Clamps
CZ Vertical Plate Clamp,Camlok Lifting Clamps
CZ Vertical Plate Clamp,Camlok Lifting Clamps

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